Environmental Policy

Basic Principles

We will position environmental conservation as an important issue in management, and in accordance with the spirit of our corporate credo (“Right Way, Harmony, Creativity and Safety“), will strive to achieve, across the entire group, “business activities which are friendly to the earth,“ across all stages of a product's life cycle, from development, to design, to purchasing, to production, to logistics, to sales, to disposal.

Guideline of Conduct

(1)   Compliance with laws and ordinances
We will comply with environmentally related laws, regulations, etc., and other requirements to which our company agrees.

(2)   Environmentally conscious manufacturing
We will promote energy saving, resource saving, recycling, waste reduction, reduction of the use of environmentally harmful substances (hazardous chemical substances), and pollution prevention, and strive to conserve the environment through continuous improvement of such activities.

(3)   Internal education
In order to ensure that all employees comply with laws and ordinances related to the environment and to raise their awareness with regard to the environment, we will continuously conduct environmental education, and will promote company-wide environmental conservation activities.

Registration of ISO14001(Environmental Management Systems)

Four plants and headquarters of Nishikawa Rubber acquired ISO14001 certification respectively from 2000 through 2002.
In 2009, Nishikawa completed its integration of ISO 14001 certification for all departments covering plants, headquarters, and sales offices.
As well as annual surveillances being conducted every year, we receive renewal inspection every three years, and were successfully granted ISO renewal certification in 2012.