Products Enabling More Comfortable Lifestyles Throughout Society

NISHIKAWA RUBBER is active on the leading edge of industrial technology.

Automotive Related Products

A Diverse Lineup of Automotive Products with High Functionality

NISHIKAWA RUBBER has achieved widespread praise for skillful applications of technologies in features, designs, materials and more. Our rich knowledge and experience has earned us the unwavering trust of automakers.

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Housing related products

Offering Comfortable Living Environments

NISHIKAWA RUBBER offers a wide array of vital features for living environments, including waterproofing and fireproofing measures, dustproofing, soundproofing, barrier-free design, energy-saving features and more.

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Civil engineering related products

Active Throughout the Civil Engineering Field

By leveraging proprietary technologies to achieve outstanding seismic resistance and watertightness, NISHIKAWA RUBBER has earned the trust in various fields of civil engineering.

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Introduction to
Nishikawa Technology

Ever since our founding in 1934, NISHIKAWA RUBBER has continuously provided customers with reliable sealing-related solutions. This website provides an introduction to the impressive technologies behind these successes.


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Nishikawa Rubber 70th Anniversary Video

Since 1949

Nishikawa Rubber celebrated the 70th anniversary of its foundation on April 26, 2019.

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