Following our 72nd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 24, 2021 and
the subsequent meeting of the board of directors, we launched a new management team as
shown on the "List of Officers" section of this website.

 The COVID-19 pandemic has continued from the previous year into fiscal 2021 and shows
no signs of abating. It has brought about widespread negative impacts on social lives and
economic activity around the world, and there is no telling how it will affect our future
moving forward. Moreover, problems this year with semiconductor chip supplies due to a
series of fires, and other raw material supply problems caused by natural disasters, have had
adverse effects on the automotive industry as well as other industries around the world.

 Although this presents us with some extremely tough business environment challenges, we
will continue to place top priority on the safety and health of Company employees and all
other people with whom we work and deal. Furthermore, we view this as an opportunity for
improvement, and in accordance with our Fundamental Guideline of Conduct all employees are
pursuing "flexibility and vitality" in response to operating-environment changes.
Additionally, we will pursue proactive action throughout the Group in accordance with our
Nishikawa Rubber SDG Declaration so that we can contribute, in any way we can, to sustainable
development and growth on a global scale.

 In closing, I humbly ask all stakeholders for your continued guidance and patronage as we
move forward together.

                                             June 2021
                                         Yoshitomo Fukuoka
                                   NISHIKAWA RUBBER CO.,LTD.
                          President, Representative Director of the Board