A Company with Flexibility and Vitality that Adapts to Environmental Changes

President, Representative Director of the Board Yoshitomo Fukuoka

Our company was established in April, 1949 and under the corporate credo of “SEIDO, WA, DOKUSO, ANZEN” (Right Way, Harmony, Creativity, and Safety) we have expanded our business, focusing mainly on automotive parts. As Japan’s economy developed, we also expanded our business overseas in the 1980s.

As times have changed, activities to reduce our impact on the environment have become necessary, and we need to revise our existing technologies and manufacturing processes.Now is the time for our technologies and manufacturing processes, our recycling technology research and expansion, and the flexibility and vitality of all our employees to shine. As a result of these efforts, we will be able to reliably provide our customers around the world with security, safety, and comfort. Currently, as part of our mid- to long-term business plan we have set both “what we should be” as an interim target to achieve by 2025, and “what we hope to be” by 2030, defined both the future vision of the company and the challenges we need to overcome, and are taking measures to address them. In addition, we are proactively working to address the shared goals of international society called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the areas of Environmental,Social and Governance (ESG) with unprecedented speed.

At the same time, to address the future innovations in working styles and to expedite problem-solving, in the new fiscal year we have overhauled our organizational structure. The number of divisions has been increased from six to 10 by slightly reducing the scope of each division, thereby deepening their specialization, and accelerating their ability to solve problems. We are also rejuvenating the organization by assigning operating officers to act as division managers, who play a key role in business execution, and further revitalizing the organization by expanding the number of gender-neutral appointments.

Going forward, with “Safety” as a precondition for all our efforts, the NISHIKAWA RUBBER Group will ensure that our 16 plants in 7 countries around the world (including Japan) do things the “Right Way”, with staff members in every country acting in “Harmony,”and using their “Creativity” to offer everyone new ideas for the coming era.

We will continue to work to meet the expectations of our stakeholders around the world.

April 2023
Hideki Ogawa
President, Representative Director of the Board