Following our 70th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 26, 2019 and the subsequent
meeting of the Board of Directors, we launched a new management team.

 The year 2019 is the dawn of the new Reiwa era, and is also the year in which we marked the 70th
anniversary of our founding in April. The year is a milestone in our further continued growth toward
a new age, based on our past 70-year history.

 The international political and economic situation and geopolitical risks change day by day, greatly
impacting the global economic situation. Uncertain and unpredictable conditions continue in the business
environment that surrounds us, and we are setting new challenges to manage future risks.

 No matter how our surrounding environment may change, the origin of Mono-zukuri is from “Quality”,
“Safety”, “Technology” and “Human resources” and will never change. With those thoughts, our goals
are to produce 100% good product outputs from each manufacturing process in all our factories, and to be
the safest company in the industry. We are also aiming to develop advanced technologies and innovative
products in timely and trendy manner. Furthermore, adding “Employees are important management resources,
and their safety and health take precedence over all business activities.” to our management philosophy,
we are making greater efforts than ever toward "Health and Productivity Management." We are also actively
undertaking work style reform and the promotion of diversity that includes women and foreigners.

 At glance, our door sealing products are unnoticeable niche parts. However, those weatherstrips are
produced by so advanced technologies and techniques required for integral designing & manufacturing,
and provide comfort to society and people. We are a fun and exciting company producing such products.
As a "Seal & Foam Engineering Company," we are recognized globally for our unique presence.
Please learn more about us on this website.

 To all our stakeholders, we ask for your continued guidance and patronage.

                                                 June 2019
                                             Yoshitomo Fukuoka
                                       NISHIKAWA RUBBER CO.,LTD.
                               President, Representative Director of the Board