Recycling technology

Dry distillation|Asphaltic pavement containing carbide

Effective use of carbide, which was obtained from recycled waste rubber.

Production processes leave some scrap rubber, and carbide can be collected by carbonizing such scrap rubber. As a part of recycling, carbide is used for steel mill fuel while the study for other new applications is being carried out.
In recent years, a study was carried out on the use of collected carbide as an additive for asphalt by joint research groups including: The Department of Civil Engineering (now known as the Department of Civil Engineering and Urban Design), Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima Institute Technology; Chu-Shikoku Branch of Kajima Road Co., Ltd.; Hiroshima City Office Ω; Project Club (a voluntary research activity group among staff members); and Nishikawa Rubber, and the project was implemented in practical use.

Record of actual work

As a result of the study, it was found that by virtue of the thickening and ultraviolet-screening effects of carbide, the use of carbide can make porous asphalt pavement more sturdy and durable.
In March, 2004, this technology was first introduced for road repair work by Hiroshima City, followed with use by: the Hiroshima Expressway Public Corporation; West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.; other roads and expressways under the control of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; pavement work on the premises of major car makers’ locations; and so on. Now, the total work area has reached 85,000 square meters (as of December, 2013).

Effect of drainage asphalt pavement / construction of drainage asphalt pavement

Ozuki Bypass on Route 2 (Shimonoseki City)

Registration in the NETIS

In July, 2005, this technology was recognized as a government-certified new technology and registered in the New Technology Information System: NETIS, operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It has also been introduced in a few professional magazines such as “PWRI (Public Works Research Institute) New Technology Showcase 2012 in Kumamoto” and “PWRI New Technology Showcase 2013 in Tokyo”.

Registration in the NETIS

We received the Chairman’s Award at the “Awards for Resource-Recirculation Technologies and Systems” from the Clean Japan Center Foundation (now known as the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry) jointly with another party in 2009.

Received the Chairman's at the Awards for Resourse-Recirculation Technologies and Systems