Method of process and engineering

A Production System, known as “NPS” which is based on “Just in Time” and “Self-working”.

A weatherstrip are delivered to our customers through various processes as listed below

[A] Mixing process

(1) Weighing process
・ A process to weigh the ingredients necessary to mixing the rubber compound.
The ingredients are weighed accurately as per appropriate mixing formula.

(2) Mixing process
・A process to mix the weighed ingredients.
The process is automatically controlled and produces mixed rubber compound with a stable quality.

(3) Cooling process
・A process to quench the mixed rubber compound to the temperature where the mixed rubber compound can keep
a constant quality. By lowering the temperature of the mixed rubber compound, deterioration of quality can be prevented.

(4) Forming process
・A process to form the mixed rubber compound to the required configuration for the next process. A process to provide granular or sheet shape.

[B] Extrusion process

(5) Extrusion process
・A process to extrude the mixed rubber compound, after the mixing process, to the required configuration.
・The cross-sectional shape of the rubber products is fixed in this process.

(6) Vulcanizing/coating/drying processes
・ A process to heat the extruded mixed rubber compound to make it elastic material.
A surface coating is also available to accommodate customer-specific property or appearance requirements.

(7) Cutting and packing processes
・A process to cut the formed material into the specified size for the next process..
・A process to cut the extruded material into the specified size for the next process.
Then, the cut pieces are sent to the finishing processes.

[C] Finishing process

(8) Additional working process
Processes to produce notches or punches or to provide a coating on to the cut pieces, which are supplied from the extrusion process. We strive to improve productivity and stabilize quality using equipment which is developed uniquely in-house.

(9) Mold process
・A process to form the end section of cut pieces with the metal piece. The combined mold and injection machine used is uniquely developed in-house and continuously forms multiple cut pieces.

(10) Component assembling and finishing process
・A process to finish the continuously formed product. Assembling the components, such as fixing tape, and finishing the product.