Design engineering

eliably supporting the seal design work with State-of-the Art Tooling.

It all begins with the molding process, which provides the connection with the continuous extrusion profile. This process produces not only a seamless connection but also other characteristics such as fitness to changing vehicle design as well as fitness of the appearance and inherent functionality of the design as added requirements which all directly link to the product value.
On the other hand, it is always the goal for the manufacturer to realize higher productivity and maintainability while striving to implement the specifications or configuration which is designed in the most elaborate way. For this reason, it is essential to maintain the highest standards of mold design and fabrications.
We are serving such engineering needs by making full use of our accumulated know-how. Without our high technology molding process, our 3-D sealing products cannot be supplied to our customers. Our Template design system plays an important role in the achievement of an efficient design and, in combination with the flow analysis, the system contributes to the stabilization of design quality and reduction of design lead time.

Mold designing ⇒ Gate flow analysis ⇒ Mold fabrication