Recycling technology

Dry distillation|炭化物入りアスファルト舗装

Carbonization technology is expected to be a resources recycling technology

Dry distillation means the strong heating method to the solid material while shutting the air off. By applying this technique, organic matter decomposes to gas or liquid and ultimately volatilizes and part of such gas or liquid remains as a solid matter.
When the rubber product is dry distilled, rubber substance and oil substance decompose and volatilizes, and the carbon black as main compounding component remain as a recycled carbon black (i.e. solid matter).
As the pioneer company in the industry, we installed the continuous dry distillation furnace in 1997 as a part of "Zero emission campaign (reduction of landfill waste) and recycling activities by which we separate and collect the recycled carbon black, core metal and thermal energy from the waste rubber.

This furnace uses generated gas from the waste rubber after its kiln is sufficiently heated; therefore, operating fuel is not required as a good point. (Butane gas is used only when starting up the plant.)
This dry distillation technique is attracting a public attention as a recycling technique for automobile shredder residue (ASR) which remains as the shredded dusts from the scrapped cars, emerging as a social issue today.

Effective utilization of carbide

Recycled carbon as obtained in the above-mentioned processes is being utilized effectively in the areas of steel making process as a material known as "carbonization material" or "additive for asphalt"