Visions of Nishikawa Rubber Group

Corporate Credos

SEIDO (seidough) “Right Way” We conduct our company activities by always following a moral and ethical path. The true company growth comes from contributing to the well-being of the society and world prosperity.
WA (wah) “Harmony” We understand that every associate is critical to our success and we expect everyone to promote
a “spirit of harmony”. It is most important to use good judgment when dealing with others, and build mutual support.
DOKUSO (doekusow) “Creativity” We recognize that the company essence depends on its creativity and spirit. Every individual must have pride in their work, and be responsible for their actions. We will face all challenges with patient resolve.
ANZEN (ahnzen) “Safety” We understand the individual’s well-being comes from company prosperity. Prosperity is attained by respecting the organization, following the rules, eliminating wasteful activities, and preventing accidents. Thus, we must cultivate our corporate culture “steady, sincere, unfettered, and well-ordered”.

Philosophy of Management

The company and its employees refer to the words of Nietzsche, a German philosopher, “Dig deep where you stand; you are certain to find a spring” as the model of action.

Fundamental Guideline of Conduct

Corporate governance and social responsibility

We comply with all laws, ordinances and social norms both domestic and international while fulfilling our social responsibilities through suitable corporate governance, ensuring that all employees act based on fair and ethical standards, and striving to be a trustworthy corporate citizen.

Contributions toward a sustainable society

We monitor substances that cause global warming, environmental pollutants and other such substances and emissions while working to conserve resources, promoting recycling, pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and striving to protect our global environment.

Creativity and pursuit of new challenges

We take on new challenges without fear of failure as part of efforts to constantly create new value, while striving to be a leader in the global seal product market based on growth that is in harmony with society at large.

Competitive advantages through quality and technologies

We make use of high quality and technologies that surpass customer expectations in order to ensure firm competitive advantages and maximize customer satisfaction, and aim to achieve workplaces where only good parts can be produced.

Preservation of corporate culture

We ensure respect for human resources, company facilities, products, and all other corporate resources, and always have gratitude toward and take kind consideration of the people with whom we come into contact. We cultivate and pass down a corporate culture that is sound, sincere, unfettered and well-ordered based on a shared spirit of harmony among employees, all of whom remain adaptable to any type of change in our operating environment in order to ensure flexibility and vitality.

Safety, health and growth

All people working for the corporate group place top priority on safety, respect others' human rights, and ensure workplaces free from discrimination in order to promote good physical and mental health while pursuing self-improvement efforts that contribute to greater individual happiness and corporate growth.