Goal to aim at of Nishikawa rubber

SEIDO (seidough) “Right Way” We conduct our company activities by always following a moral and ethical path. The true company growth comes from contributing to the well-being of the society and world prosperity.
WA (wah) “Harmony” We understand that every associate is critical to our success and we expect everyone to promote
a “spirit of harmony”. It is most important to use good judgment when dealing with others, and build mutual support.
DOKUSO (doekusow) “Creativity” We recognize that the company essence depends on its creativity and spirit. Every individual must have pride in their work, and be responsible for their actions. We will face all challenges with patient resolve.
ANZEN (ahnzen) “Safety” We understand the individual’s well-being comes from company prosperity. Prosperity is attained by respecting the organization, following the rules, eliminating wasteful activities, and preventing accidents. Thus, we must cultivate our corporate culture “steady, sincere, unfettered, and well-ordered”.

We strive to become a reliable corporate citizen in our community by complying with all laws and fair business practices.
We are fully engaged in protecting the earth by offering environmental-friendly products and practicing conservation activities.
We contribute to a prosperous society with business activities respecting all local cultures and customs.
We build customer confidence and satisfaction by offering safe, useful and high quality products and services.
We continue to be a “flexible and robust company” which can adapt to any changes as a result of cooperation between management and union acting as one.
Employees are important management resources, and thier safety and health take precedence over all business activities.

Compliance with laws and ordinances We comply with all laws, ordinances; social disciplines and company rules while at home
or in a foreign country, and behave according to the spirit of those laws.
Environment We strive to preserve our energy and natural resources by promoting conservation projects and implementing a green-purchasing policy that reduces global-warming, pollution, waste generation, and promotes “reuse, reduce, and recycle”.
Contribution to the society We conduct our business ethically with respect to cultures, customs and history to contribute to the local society and economy. We also promote a safe and pleasant automotive experience for all by contributing through our road safety campaign.
Information security We appropriately manage information to respect the confidentiality of our customers, suppliers, our company and any other associated parties.
Corporate climate We all strive together to create a unified team through lively and open discussion and a spirit of cooperation between management and the union. Thus, we must foster a “steady, sincere, unfettered, and well-ordered” corporate culture.
Corporate climate We establish environment that can work on security maintenance and promotion of health to build vital “people” and “organization” to be able to keep working lively.