Privacy Policy

The Nishikawa Rubber Group shall handle personal data according to the following Privacy Policy.

1. We shall commit to comply with all applicable laws related to the protection of personal data and related ordinances
 established by public agencies.

2. We shall implement safety control measures in a suitable manner to prevent personal data from being leaked, or lost, etc.

3. We shall obtain personal data in a proper and lawful manner.

4. We shall use personal data within following purpose of use.
 (1) Personal data about officers and employees of our customer
  ・Contact with our customer
  ・Contact with our related companies (on the condition that such contact is necessary for a transaction with our customer )
  ・Implementation of activities related with a transaction with our customer
 (2) Personal data about our shareholders
  ・Implementation of duties by laws and regulations such as delivery of notice of our shareholders' meeting and office procedures
  ・Implementation of activities related with our shareholders
 (3) Personal data about applicants for recruitment
  ・Implementation of activities related with recruitment of an applicant
 (4) Personal data about a customer who makes an inquiry to us
  ・Answer to a customer about an inquired item
 (5) Other personal data
  ・Purpose of use which we individually inform a customer of or announce officially

5. We shall not disclose or provide personal data to any third party, except in any of the following cases that:
 (1) we have obtained prior consent of a customer.
 (2) we need to disclose personal data to an outsourcing contractor in order to accomplish purpose of use stipulated in above 4.
 (3) we have to disclose personal data in order to comply with laws.
 (4) we jointly use personal data as stipulated in below 6.

6. We shall jointly use personal data on the following conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Shared use”).
 (1) Categories of personal data for Shared use
   Name, title, place of work and its address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and other contact information of our customer’s officers and employees
 (2) Purpose of Shared use
   Contact for implementation of a transaction with our customer
 (3) Scope of parties of Shared use
   Each company of the Nishikawa Rubber Group (For details, please refer to “Domestic bases” and “Overseas bases”.)
 (4) Party responsible for controlling personal data for Shared use

7. In case we receive a customer’s request regarding personal data for disclosing, correction, cancel of use, and deletion etc.,
 we immediately respond such request unless we can not confirm identity of a requesting customer or such request goes
 against laws.

Inquiry related to personal data

Please contact us through our contact form (“Contact Us”) or below point of contact for inquiries or requests relating to the handling of personal data you provided.

Compliance Office
2-2-8, Misasa-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima,
733-8510 JAPAN
TEL: +81-82-237-9371
FAX: +81-82-237-9361
(Hours:Mon – Fri 9:00 - 11:50, 12:40 - 18:00 with Japan time)